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Streamlining small business operations with tailored, strategic solutions

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Boosting sales for small businesses with custom strategies and tools

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Enhancing marketing for small firms with innovative, targeted strategies

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Optimizing small businesses with customized, cutting-edge AI solutions

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why us

At Interact, problem-solving isn't just a service; "We solve problems" is our mantra. With our holistic, data-driven, and hands-on approach, we don’t just offer solutions; we offer All-in-One Solutions for your Small Business.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Digital Optimization and SEO
  • Business Advisory
  • Revenue Growth
  • Profit Maximization
  • Expert Strategizing
  • AI Integration
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Our Approach

Empowering small businesses with personalized, tech-driven growth strategies


We are Strategists

Where innovation meets foresight, shaping success through
calculated planning and execution.

  • We Solve Problems. Your challenges, our solutions.
  • Proven Counsel. Success stories across diverse sectors.
  • Insightful Analysis. From data to actionable solutions.
  • Digital Mastery. Leading in a digital-forward world.
  • Sales Transformation. Turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Operational Excellence. Seamless operations, streamlined solutions.
  • Strategic Vision. Guiding sustainable growth with foresight.

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Welcome to Interact

We don’t just identify challenges

We Solve Problems.

As your strategic business partner, we are dedicated to transforming obstacles into milestones.

Achievements Unveiled

Dive Into Our Success Stories

Here, you'll see real-world stories of how we've helped businesses find those pieces, completing their unique puzzles. Dive in and witness how we make every piece fit perfectly, turning challenges into cohesive solutions and revealing the bigger picture.

Human Insight Combined with AI Efficiency

Imagine cutting down on costs, saving time, and watching your sales soar with content that's as in tune with your business as you are. In a world where generic doesn’t make the cut, we offer something specially tailored for you, your community, and your customers. It's smart and friendly, and it gets the job done right.


Problems and Solutions

Take a look at some of the common problems we hear about and the solution that we would recommend

The roofing company has a robust offline presence, but their digital footprint, particularly on Google Maps, is lacking. This could be due to a myriad of factors such as incomplete Google My Business (GMB) profiles, lack of consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) across online directories, absence of user reviews, or even not leveraging local SEO techniques.

Lack of clarity and measurable metrics to determine the effectiveness and ROI of SEO and marketing strategies. This results in potential wasted resources and missed opportunities.

While the immediate concern is the lack of inquiries and contracts, the underlying problem could be multi-faceted. The business might not have effectively gauged the new market's dynamics, the local competition, customer preferences, or maybe the advertising methods chosen aren't resonating with the local audience. Furthermore, the business might lack local testimonials or references which often play a crucial role in gaining new clients in a fresh market.
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Words of Wisdom

Bridging Human Strategy and AI for Unmatched Business Innovation

In the digital landscape where businesses and technology intertwine more intricately than ever, the symbiotic relationship between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly central to achieving unprecedented success. This partnership, especially evident in the creation and implementation of GeNai, our custom-trained transformers, exemplifies the harmonious balance between human creativity and AI’s computational power. […]

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How to Grow your Small Business with AI

Growing a small business requires more than just hard work and dedication; it demands smart strategies and the right tools. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business growth, certain key strategies stand out for their effectiveness. Interact introduces a groundbreaking way to apply these strategies through our GeNai solution, blending advanced AI with expert human […]

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Our Origin Story: The Evolution of Interact and the Birth of GeNai Transformers

Since launching in 2006, Interact has primarily focused on business consulting, with a keen emphasis on driving profitability management, enhancing operational improvements, and crafting strategic plans. This period also marked the emergence of what we today recognize as digital marketing, including the pivotal roles of SEO and social media. Recognizing the immense potential and necessity […]

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