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We don’t just identify challenges – we solve problems. As your strategic business partners, we're dedicated to transforming obstacles into milestones.
Our Legacy: For over two decades our narrative has been interwoven with successes spanning diverse sectors, from telecom and energy to home services and beyond. These success stories reflect our inherent ability to adapt and demonstrate our problem-solving expertise.


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Chuck Leblo

CEO and Chief Strategist

Chuck's career, spanning over four decades, blends strategic prowess with a commitment to innovation. Starting with a foundational stint in the Army Signal Corps, he developed a keen sense for communication and problem-solving, which he carried into a 21-year telecom industry career. There, as an Engineer, Executive, and Consultant, Chuck was at the forefront of the telecom revolution, driving innovative solutions and leading teams to success.

Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Chuck founded Interact, A Business Solutions Group, focusing on crafting strategic solutions for business challenges. His journey into entrepreneurship expanded with The Local PR Firm, where he ventured into digital marketing, underscoring his belief in the power of communication.

In 2023, Chuck launched GeNai Transformers, a venture aimed at transforming digital marketing through AI technology. GeNai Transformers combines Chuck's strategic insight with custom AI solutions, offering businesses innovative ways to improve communication and efficiency. With 17 years leading these ventures, Chuck stands as a visionary leader, guiding businesses through the complexities of the digital landscape with a unique mix of expertise in telecom, digital marketing, and AI technology.

Why Choose Interact?

Our Unique Approach


Our problem-solving doesn’t stop at immediate challenges. We offer strategic counseling, providing insights that pave the way for sustained growth and foresight.

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Sales & Outreach Transformation

We turn problems into opportunities. Through tailored sales strategies, client financing solutions, team building, and more, we’ve transformed stagnant sales structures into thriving revenue generators.

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Our solutions start with a deep understanding of the problem. Meticulous data analysis, such as our telecom audit covering millions of records, goes beyond identifying discrepancies to solving them.

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Interact’s DNA is coded with adaptability. Whether you’re a telecom giant or a budding music school, we tailor solutions to understand your unique challenges, ensuring measurable results.

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We go beyond surface-level challenges, diving deep into operational inefficiencies. By solving intricate operational problems, we ensure your business machinery functions seamlessly.

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In the digital age, problems evolve rapidly. Interact is always one step ahead, whether it’s elevating your local SEO game, establishing a digital footprint, or leading digital strategy innovations.

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We Solve Problems

At Interact, problem-solving isn't just a service; "We solve problems" is our mantra. With our holistic, data-driven, and hands-on approach, we don’t just offer solutions; we guarantee transformations. When you choose us, you’re aligning with a passionately invested team in resolving your challenges.

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Core Values

We see a future where every challenge a business faces becomes a stepping stone to even bigger success.
It's all about turning obstacles into opportunities.


We view challenges not as setbacks, but as opportunities to strengthen and innovate.


Instead of waiting for problems to arise, we anticipate them, always staying one step ahead.


Our solutions are crafted with our clients, ensuring they're tailored and effective.


In all our interactions and solutions, we prioritize honesty, transparency, and ethical considerations.

Continuous Growth

We are committed to lifelong learning, always seeking to enhance our skills and understanding to benefit the businesses we serve.

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