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Our Origin Story: The Evolution of Interact and the Birth of GeNai Transformers

Since launching in 2006, Interact has primarily focused on business consulting, with a keen emphasis on driving profitability management, enhancing operational improvements, and crafting strategic plans. This period also marked the emergence of what we today recognize as digital marketing, including the pivotal roles of SEO and social media. Recognizing the immense potential and necessity of these digital tools early on, we expanded our offerings to include these services, catering to our client’s growing needs in navigating the online business environment.

However, it was in 2023 that our journey took a revolutionary turn. Recognizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing our services, we embarked on developing an AI tool designed to redefine how businesses interact with digital marketing and strategic consultancy. This was not just an internal tool but a vision to create a custom AI solution for each of our clients—a vision that led to the creation of the T4 training engine.

The T4 engine represented a breakthrough in AI technology, utilizing a vast corpus of data specific to each client’s industry, business model, community, and customer base. This information, rich in detail and scope, allowed us to train ChatGPT, creating a custom Transformer for each client. We named this tailored service GeNai Transformers, symbolizing the genesis of a new era in AI-driven business solutions.

GeNai, powered by our T4 engine, is more than just an AI tool. It’s a service that pairs the leading capabilities of ChatGPT with the nuanced, sector-specific insights of our clients’ businesses. By training ChatGPT with a depth of knowledge about our clients in a secure environment, GeNai offers a custom Transformer that understands not just the industry landscape but the unique aspects of each business, from marketing strategies and analytics to legal considerations and HR practices.

The distinction of GeNai lies not only in its advanced technology but also in the unique partnership model it introduces. Instead of charging for the Transformer directly, clients engage with us through strategic consulting packages. This setup guarantees continuous training for their customized Transformer, making cutting-edge AI accessible to businesses regardless of size, without imposing extra costs. Interact offers the flexibility to either assist clients in leveraging their Transformer or to fully manage aspects like digital marketing, SEO, and content creation for them.

As we continue to lead the way in integrating AI efficiency with human experience, Interact’s GeNai stands as a hallmark of our commitment to delivering personalized, cutting-edge solutions. Through GeNai and the T4 engine, Interact is not just navigating the future of business consulting and digital marketing; we’re defining it.

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